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1st Class
Physiotherapy Service in Cork


Chartered Physiotherapist

with over 40 Years Experience

State Registration # PT027132


# 1 in Neck and Back Injuries

Latest News //

Pandemic Fallout

The COVID-19 Pandemic has got me thinking:

  1. First I had to close down the clinic- albeit temporarily.

  2. Now I can open again but must wear PPE and stay at a safe distance.

  3. And I've experienced several months of not working as a Physiotherapist.

The outcome - or fallout - as I called it above is that I am closing the clinic. My membership with the ISCP runs until the end of June, and that will definitely be it.

Saying farewell and thank you to my patients, referring clinicians, colleagues and previous staff members doesn't come easy to me. Mine has been a very rewarding career. I have met incredibly kind people over the years and my work has been a great source of joy and professional satisfaction to me.

I wish you all the best and that you may stay safe in these uncertain times.

May God bless you all,

Ossi Schmidt MISCP

Return after Shoulder OP

Having had a Total Shoulder Joint Replacement at the beginning of September, I am delighted to say that I am able to return to full practice at the beginning of 2020.

The outcome of my operation has been a great success.

I will have to remain cautious regarding some of the techniques I've used in the past, but by and large I can resume a full workload even if my swimming is still somewhat curtailed - Fingers crossed.

Padraig Buggy MISCP B.Sc.


State registration # PT 040086

has commenced practice at the clinic.

He is an avid hurler and well versed in the management of Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation.

His mobile number is 086 200 73 99.

Examination & Treatment are guided by up-to-date Scientific Research and a fount of Experience. Ossi has worked in the field of Sports Injury Management & Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic Medicine for over 35 years..........

Practice Privacy Statement

Brookfield Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic aims to ensure the highest standard of care for our patients. We understand that a Practice must be governed by an ethic of privacy and confidentiality.

Our Specialties

With over 40 years' professional experience the clinic has become known in Cork for its expertise in the management of many conditions involving all age-groups of patients and every level of fitness - from the sedentary to the elite athlete.


                                      Literally everybody is welcome and will

                                      be looked after to the highest professional



                                      For a list of our specialties follow this link:



I retired in July 2021


Card Payments now available

as of 1st June 2018 for the sake of convenience and more in keeping with cur-

rent payment trends the clinic

can process payments by all

major Debit & Credit Cards

through the SumUp Card

Reader System.

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