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Mission Statement

Examination & Treatment are guided by up-to-date Scientific Research and a fount of Experience. Ossi has worked in the field of Sports Injury Management & Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic Medicine for  over 35 years.


Special interests have developed around:

                   • Swimming & Triathlon through his own involvement in the sport,
                   • Dance related injuries through his teaching activity at the VEC PLCourse at the Firkin

                      Crane/Colaiste Stiofán Naoimha,
                   • Athletics - having accompanied International Irish teams for many years abroad and at
                      home through his involvement with the annual Cork City Sports, and
                   • Teamsports such as Rugby, Hurling, Gaelic Football, Soccer & Basketball both on and off
                      the pitch/court


All treatments are hands-on and one-to-one.


Ossi endeavours to maintain close contact and reporting with the client’s GP, Consultant, Solicitor, Team Doctor, Coach, Parent/Guardian whichever is appropriate.


     Ossi is guided by the following principles as first devised by Dr. James Cyriax:


                             • All pain has a source
                             • All treatment must reach the source
                             • All treatment must benefit the lesion

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