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With over 40 years' professional experience the clinic has become known in Cork for its expertise in the management of many conditions involving all age-groups of patients and every level of fitness - from the sedentary to the elite athlete.


Everybody is welcome and will be looked after to the highest professional level.


The list of our specialties is here:


Specialties //

Ardmanning Avenue,Togher Road, Cork

Tel: 086 - 815 16 96


Sports Injury Management & Rehabilitation


Most Sports Injuries involve Soft Tissues such as muscles, tendons & ligaments. They might have started suddenly due to trauma or gradually caused by Overuse.


Either way they will benefit from early intervention by a qualified professional such as a Chartered Physiotherapist.


For over 20 years I supported teams and individuals in athletics, gaelic games golf, hockey, rugby, soccer, swimming, squash, tennis, triathlon and various forms of dance both during matches & tournaments or while abroad in competition.

Accident Rehabilitation


Following a Road Traffic Accident we very frequently suffer injuries to joints, muscles and tendons which can develop into longstanding painful conditions.


Early intervention can shorten the consquences of accidents and shortern absences from work or sport.

Manipulative Therapies


Both spine and soft tissue benefit significantly from

Manual Therapy.


A combination of techniques are available to me.


They mostly involve various forms of massage, mobilisation and manipulation depending on the need.

Back & Neck Injuries


Back- & Neck Pain are very often the cause of work absences and interfere with sporting activities. Nerve irritation can often be an accompanying symtom, involving leg- or arm pain..


Thankfully in most cases I have been able to resolve such pain with mobilisation and/or manipulation of the spine.

Orthopaedic pre-and post-op Rehabilitation


Joint Replacements and reconstructive surgery to knees (ACL) are common procedures today.


The recovery from these operations can be significantly enhanced by my expert assessment, advice and supervision of rehabilitative exercise programmes.

Acupuncture & Dry-Needling


Lately the use of Acupuncture needles in the management of soft-tissue injuries has become very popular.


Having completed a B.Sc. in Acupuncture I have the necessary knowledge and experience.

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